Autumn events

Thanks to the large windows that characterize the meeting rooms and the mild climate even in the colder months, the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio is a perfect location for events also in autumn and winter.

First of all, the merit is to the design of the 8 rooms of the hotel, designed specifically to ensure maximum comfort and a lot of light at any time of the year. All meeting rooms are in fact characterized by large windows, high and long, which mark one or more sides of each room. In this way the participants in meetings, congresses and conferences can count on a strong natural lighting.

A light that will make the development of the event more pleasant by warming the room and giving a bright face to every corner of the room. But it is also able to give more energy to the participants also thanks to a real connection with the outside and the open air. Moreover, the particular position, in the heart of Versilia and a few meters away from the sea, allows you to benefit from a mild climate even during the autumn and winter months. And this gives an extra edge to every meeting and event, even to those organized in the coldest moments of the year.

Unlike many other hotels with underground meeting rooms or, in any case, without windows, the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte can guarantee large rooms, with large and illuminated windows. Studies have shown that, the correct use of natural lighting, can improve production capacity at least of 8%; it gives a lot more energy to the congressmen; it affects on the real learning of those taking part in the event; it fights drowsiness; it keeps you alert even in the following hours, maybe when you will have to participate in other events.

Naturally, in the “light” of these considerations, we must try to program events just in the hours of the day with more light. At the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Versilia you can count on 8 meeting rooms (from 10 to 250 seats), on an experienced Event Manager, on the presence of two in-house restaurants and on the proximity to the Galileo Galilei Pisa Airport (just 30 minutes’ drive).

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