Events organization in Versilia, let know the Event Manager

The events organization at the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte in Versilia is a process that is taken care of in the smallest detail and that requires the steady work of different professional figures.

One of these, the real cutting edge of the entire team, is the Event Manager, a role that at the Principe di Piemonte is held by Franca Bianchi.

Let’s find out more about this important figure.

The Event Manager can be defined as the director of the event, the “deus ex machina” that works so that the appointment will take shape as desired by the client and it will be completed in the best possible way.

Event Manager Viareggio

Events organization in Versilia, what an Event Manager does

To do all this, the event manager can start from an idea of the client and conceive the event having a real guideline.

But he can also have to do everything by himself. So, rely completely on one’s own creativity, professionalism, experience to create an appointment that meets the expectations of the customer.

The Event Manager must necessarily possess specific skills, technical, logistic, managerial, creative.

And, of course, he must have a general vision of what should be designed, developed, supervised and managed.

Events organization in Versilia, in Viareggio

The Event Manager takes care of the organization of every type of event. The same happens here, at the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, with our Franca Bianchi engaged in congresses, conferences, conventions, fashion shows, gala dinners, product launches, business dinners.

After a first analysis on the event to organize and on the wishes of the client, here we move on to communication, take care of relationships with suppliers, to define the set-up, to contact the participants, to manage the catering, transport, music, entertainment, security. And we think of possible solutions for problems of the last second.

Thus, with care, experience, passion and creativity, a basic idea assumes the concrete forms of the event.

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Events organization in Versilia

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