Ideas for creative meetings in Viareggio

At the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte we can provide many ideas for meetings in creative environments in Viareggio, along the magnificent Tuscan coast. To be considered creative, the spaces of a conference centre must encourage participation; they must be functional and technological and ensure the productivity of the meeting. If you decide to leave the office and your corporate meeting room, there must be some good reason.

Artistic charm

The meeting rooms of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte have an invaluable artistic value, with the fascinating references to the Liberty style that permeates the entire hotel and its conference centre. All the rooms for business meetings have been renovated, leaving intact the charm of a building from another era. Our customers really appreciate our historic location and find that the meeting rooms inspire their teams.

Comfort to inspire participation

If you plan an event that lasts the whole day, you need to make sure that guests are comfortable.

Finding a location that can help participants relax and be open to new ideas or share their opinions is a big step towards productive results.

Small touches to surprise your guests

It is important for us to pay attention to small details and provide personalized services in the meeting room for the all duration of the event to make guests feel welcome and loved. An example? The coffee break with the petit fours of our starred Chef Giuseppe Mancino or massages in our wellness centre during the breaks between two work sessions.

The right technology to communicate

What makes functional a room for a creative meeting is a modern technology that allows you to clearly communicate your business messages. Projectors, screens, portable microphones, Wi-Fi connection and any other type of cutting-edge equipment for a meeting without a hitch.

Even what is out of the room matters

When there are breaks during a meeting, most attendees want to leave the meeting room: to stretch their legs, check emails, make phone calls, eat something and clear their minds before the next work session.

At the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, there are the welcoming spaces of the library, the bar, the veranda or the amazing terrace with a panoramic swimming pool, all ideal environments for relaxing, chatting, with an ideal temperature both in winter and in summer.

Not to mention what the surrounding area has to offer: an amazing view of the Versilia Sea and a very long promenade for walking or jogging.

Our experience to plan an event in total tranquillity

Our expert Event Manager Franca Bianchi will assist you in pre-event planning and daily support. Choose a location with an internal team of events ready to make your business event a success from the beginning to the finish.

We are happy to offer our customers meeting rooms that inspire creativity, through exclusive interior design, quality food, attentive service and cutting-edge technology. Therefore, if you are looking for all this, you are in the right place.

Discover our meeting rooms and our services.

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