Ideas for planning a multi-day corporate event

Organizing a one-day corporate event presents numerous challenges from a strategic, practical and logistical point of view.

When we are faced with the organization of a multi-day event, all this becomes even more complex: the difficulties and problems increase but, at the same time, also the opportunities for knowledge and exchanges among the participants and, consequently, also the chances of success of the entire appointment.

But what should we do about it?


Choose the right location

In every type of event, the environment, the atmosphere and the services really make the difference. To choose an impeccable location from a naturalistic point of view is, for example, is a factor that will contribute, enormously, to good chances of success.

An aspect that becomes even more decisive when it comes to multi-day events. In these cases, the participants will spend much more time together in the same place. And, a captivating location like that of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, with meeting rooms overlooking the Viareggio promenade, can affect a lot.

In the same way, the possibility to choose among different meeting rooms to be used during the various working days, allows participants to experience always different environments: at the Principe di Piemonte it is possible to choose from 8 different rooms for events capable of ensuring ancient charm, elegance, modern style and comfort.

Meetings, convention, conferences, but also relaxation. Choosing a structure that ensures many high-profile services is very important to allow participants to “disconnect” once the work is finished.

At the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte there are rooms and suites with sea view, wellness center, panoramic swimming pool, gym, two restaurants, one of which is awarded by two Michelin stars!

location eventi Toscana

Make every day unique

Creativity and lightness. These could be two keywords to take seriously in consideration in planning a multi-day event.

In a multi-day event, it is important to ensure a sort of homogeneity and coherence among the different moments.

But, at the same time, it is fundamental to diversify in order to avoid that the days are all the same, with the same atmospheres, the same formats, the same environments.

Avoid generating tiredness and boredom by sticking to a general theme but, every day, it looks different.

Creativity, originality and diversification of the different days will make it possible to achieve the desired objectives more easily. From this point of view, our expert Event Manager Franca Bianchi can help you to plan activities and spaces for the different meeting days.

Event Manager Viareggio


The events that unfold over several days also absorb more energy in the participants. To avoid “exhausting” the public, it is good to provide frequent breaks that allow you to recover energy and restore concentration levels.

Allow participants different windows of free time in order to rest oneself. Enter, among the various activities interruptions, some that allow you to walk, chat or simply rest.

At the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte participants can recharge by walking on the Viareggio seafront, resting in one of the elegant suites, relaxing in the panoramic swimming pool or having a massage in the wellness centre!

Everything will benefit the attention, the performances and consequently the success of your event!

meeting creativi toscana

Team up

Multi-day events always represent a great opportunity to engage customers and partners.

However, to do all this, it is necessary to sustain a considerable effort.

This is why the teamwork is essential. Create and define your team where the various elements have different skills and abilities and delegate their specific aspects of the organization.

In this way, you will bring together creativity, precision, originality, functionality.

Therefore, you will create the perfect event!


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